A velvety, rich oil to envelope your skin.
Be captivated. The birth of Oil Cleansing ADDICTION.
Complete at last! Oil cleansing specially developed by AYAKO for texture, an effective finish, and balanced hydration. The product of time and attention to detail. Works gently into your make-up and removes completely, with a comfortable thickness and a smooth, velvety texture. Never wash your skin twice again.

  • Contains seven types of plant oils (emollients). Organic jojoba seed extract oil, argan oil, rose hip oil, camellia oil, olive squalane, sage oil, and Meadowfoam oil.
  •  LARGE SIZE (250mL)
  • New-texture formula for the ultimate washing comfort.
  • No stickiness, no oil film; an effective wash.
  • Leaves your skin hydrated.
  • Even removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner.
  • Removes pore grime and old keratin.
  • No need to re-wash your face.
  • The fragrance of juniper berry (essential oil) and geranium rose.
  • Pump 2 to 3 times onto the dry palm of your hand (twice for normal make-up, 3 times for waterproof make-up). Work well into your make-up with the tips of your fingers, then wash off with cold or lukewarm water.